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My name is Darren Chapman and I am owner Director of Regency Fish Ltd, Leamington Spa as well as being chef tutor at Meadow View Cookery School. I have developed a real serious passion for cooking over the past 12 years which is what led me into buying Regency Fish 5 years ago. I didn't start my career working with food it is something that came along the way, I started life working in my families Construction  Company where I eventually became a partner within the business after many years of hard work. This business opened up a lot of opportunities for me to develop off the back of its success, and is what put me into a position to pursue my passion for a career working with food. I bought Regency Fish in October 2007 and left things as they were with the running of the shop as nothing needed changing because the business was already doing really well. The thing that I did was use my skills as a developer and gave the premises a much needed make over which was long overdue.

I was helping out at the shop as and when I could because I was still very much involved in my families Construction Company, but as the months and the first year passed I had realised that my heart was no longer in building and working at the shop and cooking was where I wanted to be. So in 2009 I decided to come out of Construction and focus on the shop, and this is where it took me down the path of where I am today. I have always enjoyed working with others as well as teaching as whilst I was in Construction I was always sharing my wealth of knowledge and skills with others within the company. So teaching what I now know as a fishmonger as well as a serious cook seems to be the natural thing to do and is what I enjoy the most.

I run Meadow View Cookery School from home where I have converted my garage into a commercial kitchen, so with this and my main kitchen I have a great facility where I can teach from. I started teaching from home at the start of 2012 and the courses that I have already done have been a great success, I have met some great people through doing the courses as well a bringing some new customers to the shop so it is working on both fronts.

The courses are made up from a combination of  fish filleting, shellfish preparation and cooking, a typical day will involve us preparing at least 2 species of either fish or shellfish from which we will then turn into 2 dishes. Some of the food that we will prepare on the day we will have as a light lunch at the end as a group with a glass of wine, and the rest you will take home to enjoy. All courses are different as I like to mix things up and work with the seasons where possible, and can be tailored to people's requirements.

Typical dishes that can we prepared and cooked on the day are as follows.

Dressed Crab, Crab Cakes, Moules Marinieres, Potted Shrimp, Salt baked Sea Bass, Paella, Fish Pie, Fish Cakes, Risotto, Fish Stew, whole baked Fish, pan frying Fish, baking whole Fish, Fish Stock, Shellfish Stock, Shellfish Bisque, Thai Green Fish Curry, Prawn Firecrackers, Thai Fish Cakes, Stir Fry's, Basic Sauces & Dressings, looking at what goes with what fish & generally trying to give each person a platform to be able to go away and start being a little more confident within their own kitchen.

"Fish is both quick and easy to cook as well as being really good as a part of somebody's everyday diet!

Cooking Courses!

Who should attend
If you want to learn some fishmongering basics: gutting, skinning, scaling, filleting and pin-boning - this is the course for you. Our recipe ideas on this course are versatile but simple and designed to inspire. Our focus is to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is for you to include all types of seafood in your daily diet. Stock making is included as part of this course. There is always a lot to learn and this is suitable for complete beginners or those who want to improve their knife skills. All you need is enthusiasm.

What you take home
You will have prepared around 4 species of seafood. The fish that you prepare is yours to take away in your cool bag. Advice will be given about storage and freezing.
Recommendations for cooking your fish will be given along with some recipes for you to take home.

The course will include all of the above plus refreshments throughout the day. Your day will start at 9:30am with tea, coffee and biscuits and each course will finish at around 2:30pm approximatley.

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