Good morning Darren
Thank you so much for a wonderful day.  I really enjoyed it and it was even better to be able bring some food home.  John  and I are having the curry for tonight's tea.  The Coconut Rice was eaten yesterday.
If you are able to forward me the link for the Thai place you use on line it would be appreciated.
I would be really interested to get some further information on the other courses you do.

Rebecca Dewsbury - Concept Group.

Dear Darren

Thanks very much indeed to you and Tracey for putting up with us in your splendid kitchen for a whole Sunday.

It was an excellent and informative day and very good for instilling confidence in a beginner.
And I was pleased to be able to  fillet the bream in 10 seconds flat! My wife is delighted with my new ability - but I still don't think I'll be allowed in the kitchen....

I hope the day in Paramount with Blane went well.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the recipes – it was a great day, thoroughly enjoyed all of it.
Have definitely been inspired to try more ‘difficult/challenging’ recipes and I look forward to seeing you at your shop very soon.

Paul Ryan
Dear Darren

Thanks for the recipes. Had just done more crab cocktails and made a second batch of soup, using the fish etc we brought home or that I had here, combining it with the tail end of soup. It worked well and Jane really enjoyed her dinner! If I'm not careful I will end up being sent on every course you run.

It was a great course. I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. Many thanks to you - and thanks to Tracey for looking after us so well.

See you soon

Cooking Courses!

Who should attend
If you want to learn some fishmongering basics: gutting, skinning, scaling, filleting and pin-boning - this is the course for you. Our recipe ideas on this course are versatile but simple and designed to inspire. Our focus is to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is for you to include all types of seafood in your daily diet. Stock making is included as part of this course. There is always a lot to learn and this is suitable for complete beginners or those who want to improve their knife skills. All you need is enthusiasm.

What you take home
You will have prepared around 4 species of seafood. The fish that you prepare is yours to take away in your cool bag. Advice will be given about storage and freezing.
Recommendations for cooking your fish will be given along with some recipes for you to take home.

The course will include all of the above plus refreshments throughout the day. Your day will start at 9:30am with tea, coffee and biscuits and each course will finish at around 2:30pm approximatley.

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