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Most small businesses rely on mobile telephones to communicate with customers, suppliers and staff. Whether you are a new business mobile phone user or an existing customer of any of the UK's major networks then Rugby Telecom can help.

There are literally thousands of different tariffs offered by the major networks to business users and you would be shocked to find out how many customers we have come across that are on the wrong tariff to suits their need.

We offer every user of business mobile phones a free evaluation to make sure that your business is on the most suitable tariff based on your usage. All networks are covered including Three, O2, EE, and Vodafone.

How Many Handsets do you need to be classed as a business customer?
As long as you are using your mobile for business purposes we can help you whether you have 1 phone or more than a hundred. This includes sole proprietors, partnerships, registered companies etc.

Do I have a choice of Handsets and Networks?
Of course. Let us know your requirements and we will get you the best deal for the phone handsets you want on the network you want. If you don't have any preference for handset or network then we will come up with the best deal based on your monthly usage and call profile.

I have different contract dates or multiple mobiles all on different networks. Can you still help us? 
Not a problem. We can amalgamate all of your phones on to the same network with a common renewal date.

Can you help us even if our contract has not expired? 
It is important that you ensure you do not move any contracts away from your current provider before you are sure you are not tied in. This may cause disruption to your service and you may be hit with a charge by the network provider. If you let us know your current contract expiry date we will contact you shortly before your current contract ends with an up-to-the-minute quotation.

Can I keep my existing number(s)? 
Of course. You are able to move your number to any of the networks normally at no cost to you. Or you could consider a new number if you prefer - perhaps a personalised number for your business? Visit GR8 numbers for more information and a choice of numbers.

Can I receive email on my mobile? 
Yes. There are now a number of different handsets that will receive email messages. We will advise on the best equipment to suit your needs.

To discuss your Business Mobile requirements please contact 01788 211 105.

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